About Us

Our Mission

Our highly trained, and welcoming staff work with the purest, most indulgent products to help ease away day-to-day tensions. Treatments from our expertly curated spa menu can be tailored to your individual needs.

The Space

Located in the Heart of the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort, in the Heart of Santorini, in the Heart of Greece... The Kallos Spa is ideally nested in one of Santorini's finest 5 star resorts the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort. The combined services are unrivalled. A light meal before the treatments, a refreshing cocktail afterwards, a swim in the enormous swimming pool and a romantic dinner to finish off the magnificent experience. Whether a guest of the hotel or just with us for a day, it will be years before you forget this experience...

Our Philosophy

The Kallos Spa is at the heart of the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort. It draws its spirit of warmth and rejuvenation from the natural zen-like energy of Santorini. The Andronis philosophy of wellbeing relaxation and enjoyment of the natural splendour of the island starts here.